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new creations
  • honey mustard crunch

    honey mustard crunch

    NEW! Honey sesame and chia coated peanuts, salted coated peas & mustard breadsticks

  • Almond Mocha

    Almond Mocha

    NEW! Cocoa dusted almonds, milk chocolate coffee beans, amaretti drops & almond slivers

  • Winter spiced chocolate orange

    Winter spiced chocolate orange

    NEW! Orange-flavoured sultanas, spiced almonds & Belgian dark chocolate buttons

  • Grilled cheese crunch

    Grilled cheese crunch

    NEW! Barbecue coated peas, cheesy coated black beans, roasted cashews & pumpkin seeds

  • Chocolate Nut Biscotti

    Chocolate Nut Biscotti

    NEW! Belgian dark chocolate buttons, salted caramel peanuts, amaretti drops & blanched almonds