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new creations
  • choccy wonders - almond and coconut

    choccy wonders - almond and coconut

    NEW! dark chocolate buttons, milk chocolate coated peas, coconut flakes and blanched almonds

  • choccy wonders - pretzel & hazelnut

    choccy wonders - pretzel & hazelnut

    NEW! dark chocolate buttons, pretzel bites, roasted hazelnuts and vanilla pumpkin seeds

  • choccy wonders - banana & peanut

    choccy wonders - banana & peanut

    NEW! dark chocolate buttons, banana coins, baked salted peanuts and cocoa-dusted almonds,

  • honey roast crunch

    honey roast crunch

    NEW! salted coated pea, honey roasted corn, honey roasted broad beans and corn chips

  • salted chocolate crunch

    salted chocolate crunch

    NEW! milk chocolate coated corn, milk chocolate coated peas, pretzel bites and salted coated pea