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a touch of chocolate

a touch of chocolate

  • dark chocolate cherry tart

    dark chocolate cherry tart

    Belgian dark chocolate buttons, Chilean flame raisins, juicy sour cherries and pecans

  • milk chocolate and salted caramel

    milk chocolate and salted caramel

    NEW! Belgian milk chocolate and salted caramel buttons, pecan nuts, Italian amaretti drops and pumpkin seeds

  • coffee walnut cake

    coffee walnut cake

    walnuts, Chilean flame raisins and milk chocolate coffee beans

  • cookies and cream

    cookies and cream

    white chocolate buttons, mini cocoa cookies, Cornish cocoa fudge and sunflower seeds

  • marvellous macaron

    marvellous macaron

    Belgian white chocolate buttons, almond slivers, Italian amaretti drops and coconut flakes

  • jaffa cake

    jaffa cake

    orange flavoured raisins, Belgian dark chocolate buttons and roasted hazelnuts

  • honeycomb crunch

    honeycomb crunch

    raisins, almonds and milk chocolate coated honeycomb

  • coco paradise

    coco paradise

    Belgian milk chocolate drops, cranberries and coconut flakes