dried-not-fried beet chips, pure sunflower seeds and jalapeno chickpeas
high in fiber
A source of protein
Nutritionist pick
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about this snack

Our taste experts were inspired by the sweet and salty flavors of vegetable chips when making this deliciously savory snack. They started out with our nutritionist’s favorite vegetable - beets - and added a zesty hit of flavor with jalapeno chickpeas.

This snack is the ultimate chip alternative because we dried not fried the beet chips to create a crunchy chip without being oily. Plus this snack offers the benefits of a few of our favorite essential minerals and nutrients!

what are the benefits?

If you’re craving something crunchy, then our latest savory snack was made for you! You can satisfy your cravings for chips while enjoying a snack that’s also a source of protein, high in fiber and 3 essential nutrients.

The beet chips are made using an innovative microwave vacuum technology which dehydrates fresh beet slices to capture their natural sweetness and vibrant color without adding additional sugar, salt or oil.

Then we added dried chickpeas seasoned with real jalapeno and pure sunflower seeds to create a mix that’s high in manganese. (This helps your body release energy while providing a source of vitamin E and copper for a healthy immune system!) There’s also a protein boost in this snack making it the perfect lunchtime snack to help you power through the rest of your day.

how can you use them?

These beet chips with jalapeno chickpeas & sunflower seeds are the perfect snack to keep on hand for a long day. We love eating this snack with lunch, after a workout or even sprinkled over a salad!


Graze is not suitable for people with allergies. Our snacks are packed in a facility that also processes peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, milk, soybeans (soya) and egg. In addition to this, cross-contamination between any of our ingredients is possible.

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