A seriously crunchy mix of baked salted peanuts, garlic sesame sticks, roasted cashews and fiery sriracha-flavored peas.
A source of protein
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We can't get enough of the satisfyingly spicy crunch from these spicy sriracha peas! Green peas coated in sriracha sauce flavoring creates a snack truly bursting with flavor! It’s the perfect balance of medium heat from the chili, garlic and a touch of sweetness to leave you wanting more.
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About this snack

Meet the intensely savory crunch of our spicy Thai sriracha! We were so excited to get creative in the kitchen to create a graze snack featuring the popular sriracha flavors. After some experimenting combining with this fiery sauce with our favorite wholesome ingredients, we finally created the perfect combination!

What makes it taste so good?

We wanted the texture of this snack to live up to the intense flavor of sriracha, so we knew the satisfying crunch of baked peas, jumbo corn and brand new kern pops would fit the bill.

Kern pops are made from the same kernels as popcorn but are only half-baked which packs an even bigger crunch.

This exciting snack is perfectly balanced - there’s a pleasant heat from the chilli, a bit of garlic to round out the flavor and a subtle sweetness that’s sure to satisfy.

What are the benefits?

This combination of baked salted peanuts, garlic sesame sticks, roasted cashews and baked green peas, coated with the spicy notes of sriracha, is a brand new way to satisfy your chip cravings. Get all of the taste and satisfaction a savory crunchy snack but with an added bonus of a source of protein.

When should you eat it?

Spicy sriracha crunch is the new popcorn! This snack has the crunch of popcorn we all love but with so much more flavor. If you’re looking for something to snack on during movie night, this will be your new go-to snack. Feeling tired? This snack gives you a little spicy kick to get you going!
Made with authentic Thai sriracha
Deliciously crunchy alternative to chips
Perfect snack for a night in


Graze is not suitable for people with allergies. Our snacks are packed in a facility that also processes peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, milk, soybeans (soya) and egg. In addition to this, cross-contamination between any of our ingredients is possible.

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