baked salted peanuts, Belgian salted caramel milk chocolate buttons, pumpkin seeds and amaretti drops
A source of protein
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We were inspired by the unique pairing of sweet & salty flavors when we created this snack. The combination of lightly salted baked peanuts, creamy Belgian chocolate buttons and delicious amaretti cookie drops makes for one tasty source of protein!
graze nutritionist and taste expert

Why does it taste so good?

Salted caramel has been such a popular flavor profile because of it’s sweet & salty combination. We wanted to put a graze spin on it, so we created this deconstructed salted caramel & chocolate cookie. The rich flavor comes from the crunchy amaretti cookie drops, sprinkled in with protein-boosting peanuts for an addicting salty twist! To make this snack even sweeter, we added Belgian milk chocolate buttons filled with salted caramel.

Lastly, we wanted to give this snack a nutritional upgrade, so we mixed in pure pumpkin seeds. All together, you get our signature salted caramel snack with the added benefit of a protein boost!

What are the benefits?

Our nutritionist Jess recommends enjoying a portion of nuts everyday, since they contain amino acids which are the building blocks for our muscle to repair, strengthen and grow.

Protein is a vital part of a balanced diet for everyone, not just for bodybuilders! We’re making it super easy for you to up your daily dose of protein without compromising on taste.

When should you eat it?

This snack is the perfect post-lunch treat and also one of our favorites to enjoy on a movie night!
Contains 7g natural protein
Made with real Belgian chocolate


Graze is not suitable for people with allergies.All of our food is packed in the same place, so cross-contamination between any of our ingredients is possible. Our snacks may contain traces of gluten, eggs, peanuts, soya, milk, nuts, celery, mustard, fish and sesame.

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