peanut butter with baked pretzel sticks
only 130 calories
A source of protein
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about this snack

Our smooth peanut butter is deliciously creamy and thick. We've packed it into our specially designed dipping punnet with baked pretzel dippers to give you a source of protein ready to go.

What are the benefits?

Peanuts have so much to offer when it comes to nutrition. Not only are they a good source of natural protein and dietary fibre, they’re also full of essential nutrients, like manganese, vitamin B and phosphorus. If you’re looking for a tasty source of protein to keep you fuelled then look no further.

How should you eat it?

Whether you’re craving sweet or savory, this snack is sure to satisfy. Our specially designed dipper punnet means that you can enjoy dunking dippers into peanut butter even when you’re on the go. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, try drizzling your peanut butter over frozen yoghurt and sprinkling crushed dippers on top!


Graze is not suitable for people with allergies. Our snacks are packed in a facility that also processes peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, milk, soybeans (soya) and egg. In addition to this, cross-contamination between any of our ingredients is possible.

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