lemon almond protein cookies with graze's special blend black tea
only 120 calories
A source of protein
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I've served our wholesome lemon almond protein cookie, made with oats and protein crispies, with our special black tea blend. It's perfect for those indulgent mid-afternoon breaks.
graze taste expert

About this snack

Our lemon almond protein cookies are made with the finest spelt and British rolled oats in the same family bakery as our little puds. They are hand baked in small batches so the rustic rolled oats aren’t damaged, to make protein cookies that provide a source of fiber, and taste genuinely homemade.

What makes them taste so good?

Made with almonds, real butter, lemon and coconut sugar, the result is a delicious combination of crumbly and crunchy textures with a decadent butter flavor and no refined sugars.

Where does the tea come from?

In her six years as a taste expert, Ellie's absolute favorite invention is the graze special blend black tea, which she crafted under the guidance of a tea master. They tested over 100 different kinds of tea leaves, using her super sensitive taste buds to perfect our exceptional brew.

We think it pairs perfectly with these hand baked lemon almond protein cookies for a super comforting and uplifting afternoon break.

What are the benefits?

Our taste experts love upgrading classic flavors using new and innovative ingredients. In this cookie recipe they’ve swapped out standard refined sugar for natural coconut sugar, the tropical taste and sweetness enhancing the fresh lemon flavor.

Our taste experts have added soy protein crispies to this recipe, a simple blend of soy protein, rice flour, malt extract and a touch of salt. This is blended and then puffed in a similar way to rice crispies. The result is a tasty source of protein without any powders or artificial sweeteners.

Our bakers also use whole rolled British oats, making these delicious cookies a source of fiber and protein to help your body build muscle.

When should you eat it?

Whenever you fancy tea and cookies! Our lemon almond protein cookies are the ultimate 3pm pick-me-up, expertly paired with our beloved afternoon infusion to make a super sophisticated tea break treat.

Just add boiling water to the tea bag and brew for 2-3 minutes, adding milk, sugar or a wedge of lemon as needed. Enjoy together for maximum uplifting effect.
Source of protein
Source of fiber
Under 150 calories
No refined sugars
Suitable for vegetarians


Graze is not suitable for people with allergies. Our snacks are packed in a facility that also processes peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, milk, soybeans (soya) and egg. In addition to this, cross-contamination between any of our ingredients is possible.

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