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Our taste experts love experimenting with new flavors and now you will have the chance to taste test all of our new snack inventions. Try these limited-edition recipes now and vote on your favorite by leaving us a review! Which one will make it into the graze range? You decide!

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We love experimenting with new flavors in our famous flapjack recipe! Since our protein flapjacks have been so successful we thought we’d try adding some of our favorite new ingredients like ancient grain quinoa, superfood maca and baobab.

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plant protein

We love plant-based protein! Our taste expert Bobby was so inspired by our popular ‘veggie protein power’ snack that he came up with a few more deliciously crunchy snacks that are a good source of protein.

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Our taste experts are always experimenting in the kitchen and in the last 8 years, they have invented nearly 2,000 different snacks, tasted even more ingredients (so many cashews!) - and now you can get involved! Keep an eye on all of our latest snack labs inventions from Bobby, Jocelyn, Holly and Grace as they test out new sweet and savory recipes. Learn more