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beat chip cravings

Are you trying to beat chip cravings in 2017?

Discover how you can cut back on chips without missing on that morish crunch you love.

most popular chip alternatives

meet the graze beet chip!

This snack is as simple as it gets - air dried beet slices with nothing added. The dehydration process preserves all the natural flavors and gives it a satisfying crunch - perfect for enjoying on its own or with a dip.

Our beet chips are made using an innovative microwave vacuum technology which dehydrates the fresh beet slices and captures their natural sweetness and vibrant color. Once the drying process is complete so is the chip - no added sugar, salt or oil here!

Because these chips are so pure the natural nutrients like manganese and potassium are preserved to help your body release energy and help regulate blood pressure. Overall we think these beet chips are better than a bag of potato chips in every way.

We love these sweet chips plain or dipped in hummus as a mid-afternoon snack. Want to get experimental? Try them with this whipped goat cheese, almond and thyme spread!

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Are vegetable chips healthy?

Usually, but it’s important to know not all vegetable chips are equal. To determine if a vegetable chip is healthier than a traditional potato chips it will depend on the vegetable being used and how it’s processed.

The best way to create healthier veggie chips is by air drying the vegetable over a long period of time at a low temperature. This will preserve the natural goodness of the vegetable while creating the delicious crunch we all love and expect from a chip.

Typically, potatoes aren’t as nutrient-rich as other vegetables like beets, parsnips and carrots - these are some of the best vegetables to use for veggies chips! Not only will these create more nourishing chips, we think the vibrant colors make them more fun to eat!

The key to finding vegetable chips that are actually healthier than the standard fried potato chips is to look at the ingredients. If they are fried, salted and high in oils, they probably aren’t the best choice. Here at graze we believe dried not fried is the future of chips - these veggie chips are full of natural flavor and no added salt is needed!

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More star Chip Alternatives

the benefits of swapping veggie chips for potato chips

Vegetable chips definitely have the health advantage over potato chips! Our veggie chips are dried instead of fried, which creates a naturally delicious wholesome snack that have many more vitamins and nutrients than fried potato chips.

Also, veggies chips usually don’t require as much added salt as potato chips because the flavor from the vegetables carries through.

And those who love the crunchiness of the potato chips don’t need to worry -- air drying removes the moisture from the vegetables, which helps create the same crunchy chip texture that we all love!

Super cool dip for veggie chips

Looking for a lighter, more refreshing dip to compliment veggie chips? We think you will love our veggie and herb dip recipe! It’s made with cool, creamy yogurt with super veggies like kale and spinach, and topped with zesty lemon juice, chili and herbs - it’s great combined with our beet chips for a seriously addicting snack, perfect for sharing!

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