• dried pineapple

    Chewy pieces of dried pineapple bring tropical flavors to your cupboard all year round.

  • pure pumpkin seeds

    Just a sprinkle of nutrient-packed pumpkin seeds gives any meal a healthier, tastier spin.

  • blanched californian almonds

    Add a protein kick to your meals and snacks with our pure blanched almonds.

  • cheese flavored cashews

    Skip the chips and reach for our super-cheesy cashew nuts. A great source of minerals, too.

  • whole Brazil nuts

    Just a handful of Brazil nuts contains a whopping helping of minerals. We love the rich, creamy flavor, too.

  • pure sunflower seeds

    Sunflower seeds are the easy, tasty way to work extra goodness into pretty much anything.

  • pure chia seeds

    Small but mighty, add chia seeds to smoothies and meals for more nutritional oomph.

  • soft dried apple

    naturally tangy apple pieces - perfect for baking, sprinkling and snacking

  • chili and lime cashews

    Go on, see if you can resist the tempting combination of our spicy, zingy cashew nuts.

  • beet chips

    These crunchy beet chips are dehydrated, rather than fried, with no added salt, sugar or oil. Plus they are high in manganese and potassium! LIMITED TIME OFFER! Available while stock lasts. One purchase per customer.

  • new

    California pecans

    Naturally sweet and good for you too, pecan nuts make the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

  • natural vanilla pumpkin seeds

    Getting your vitamins and minerals is all the sweeter with a honey and vanilla glaze over these pumpkin seeds.

  • honey drizzled cashews

    Our delectable cashew nuts dipped in a crunchy caramelized honey coating for extra bite.

  • new

    brazilian acai powder

    Pure Brazilian acai berry powder provides a good source of Vitamin E and is the ultimate superfood smoothie boost!

  • roasted unsalted cashews

    Our perfectly roasted cashew nuts go to show that you don't need salt for full-on flavor.

  • redskin peanuts

    Rosy redskin peanuts make the best homemade peanut butter - just roast and grind!

  • new

    california almonds

    Whole, skin-on almonds, just as nature intended. Great for snacking, sprinkling and baking.

  • baobab powder

    This pure baobab powder comes from a tropical superfruit that is a good source of potassium.

  • soy roasted pumpkin seeds

    A savory soy sauce glaze makes these seeds amazing with salads and Asian recipes.

  • chocolate and cherry protein granola topper sharing bag

    cocoa granola, chopped hazelnuts, freeze-dried cherry pieces and soy protein crisps

  • baked salted peanuts

    Lightly salted oven baked peanuts, ideal for snacking or baking.