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strawberries and cream granola yogurt topper

NEW! oat and barley granola, yogurt coated strawberry pieces and freeze dried strawberry pieces

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iced cinnamon bun

NEW! cinnamon and honey almonds, yogurt coated sunflower seeds and vanilla cookie drops

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Vietnamese pho soup

dark savory pho soup with mild heat and warming spices served with shiitake mushrooms, sesame seeds and rice noodles

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cinnamon fig roll

cinnamon flavored raisins, diced figs and vanilla cookie drops

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pumpkin, sesame & sunflower seed raw bars

NEW! chewy bars with mixed seeds, dates and a touch of cinnamon

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deconstructed carrot cake

carrot chews, cinnamon flavored raisins, walnuts and ginger fudge

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apple and cinnamon flapjack

rustic rolled oat flapjack with apple and cinnamon

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eleanor's apple crumble

soft apple pieces, cinnamon and honey almonds and raisins

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cinnamon pretzel

cinnamon and honey almonds and poppyseed pretzels

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