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A delicious and fruity superfood packed with a long list of benefits.

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Our crunchy Californian almonds are a great source of vitamin E which your body needs for maintaining healthy skin, and keeping your immune system up to scratch.

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You don't have to stop baking to eat a little healthier, just try some of our baking hacks and recipes!

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Baobab is one of the newest fruits on the superfood scene. The caramel citrus flavours pair nicely with coconut, mango and other tropical fruit, making it a great way to add potassium and fibre to your morning smoothie!

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Tips and recipes to help you whether you're hosting a bbq with friends or just obsessed with bbq flavours!

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Our beetroot crisps are unlike any savoury snack we’ve ever created. We love them because of their punchy colour and delicious natural sweetness!

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Our nutritionist Jess delves into the benefits of our favourite wholesome ingredients.

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brazil nuts

Just 25g of crunchy brazil nuts provides you with a whopping 870% of your daily intake of selenium; a mineral that helps support your immune system and protect your cells. Perfect for snacking, baking and topping.

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Without breakfast your body’s just running on empty! Get easy recipes for smoothie bowls, bircher muesli, chia porridge, granola parfaits and more, direct from the graze kitchen.

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One of the easiest superfoods to add to your daily routine. It has the chocolate taste of cocoa powder, but with a richer caramel flavour and more nutritional benefits.

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Kidney-like in shape and native to coastal areas of north-eastern Brazil, these beige beauties add a special something to salads, smoothies and stir-fry dishes, whilst also doing your body a whole world of good.

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chia seeds

Our nutritionist won’t stop talking about these little super seeds! Packed with nutrients, they’re perfect for experimenting in the kitchen, especially in vegan recipes. Never know what to do with chia seeds? These recipes are the answer!

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Not only does dark chocolate taste amazing, but it also scientifically proven to help you relax. The darker the chocolate and the less refined it is the more health benefits it contains.

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All the recipes and tips you need to serve your friends and family delicious snacks and meals over the festive period.

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Our taste team loves working with other experts, experimenting with new techniques and creations.

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Satisfy your sweet tooth with our taste experts delicious, healthier dessert recipes, tips and tricks!

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Some of our favorite things! Dips are so easy to make and so delicious to eat.

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Ellie, chief taste expert

Armed with her £3 million taste buds (yep, that’s genuinely what they’re worth) head honcho Ellie tries every new recipe from the graze kitchen, making sure each snack lives up to her high standards.

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Our nutritionist Jess is a big believer in the benefits of dietary fibre, which is why you’ll find her “source of fibre” badge on many of our exciting snacks. Get tips from Jess on how to get more fibre in your diet, or just find out more about why it's so beneficial!

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Workout, fitness and health tips!

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Our famous flapjacks come from family bakers in the Cotswolds, who make these oaty bakes from a trusted family recipe that’s been handed down through two generations. Not only do all our flapjacks taste amazing, the added goodness of whole-rolled oats means that each flapjack is a delicious source of fibre! How many flavours have you tried?

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golden berries

Light up your breakfast bowl with the big and energising citrus flavours of golden berries. They're sure to be the next big superfood!

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guest blog post

Here you'll find all posts and recipes from guest bloggers. Whether it's using ingredients from the graze pantry or snacks from ther graze box, our grazers and ambassadors are a super creative bunch.

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A nut that pairs perfectly with chocolate.

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We’re all about making good exciting here at graze and that includes clearing up any confusion around how to be healthy, and helping you to make better choices.

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how to

Hacks, tips and tricks from our nutritionist and taste experts, helping you save time, create delicious food and make better choices!

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lighter living

Healthy recipes and nutritionist tips that might help you if your health goal is to lose weight or live a little lighter.

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It’s so easy to pack the same thing for lunch each day, but the world is your oyster when it comes to easy, fast and delicious dishes!

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new inventions

Our taste experts are always busy in the graze kitchen, combining wholesome ingredients in exciting new ways. You never know what’s next when it comes to our inventions, so stay tuned to be the first to try our best new snacks!

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New Years

All about New Years resolutions, how to set the best goals and how to stick to them!

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Our nutritionist extraordinaire, Jess is the creator of our health badges, to help you choose the snacks and boxes that are right for you. Jess also specialises in healthy recipes, nutrition break downs of ingredients, and tricks to help you keep making better choices.

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nuts & seeds

Our taste experts love using nuts and seeds in their snack creations, because they bring so much goodness to the table and taste amazing too! They’re a great source of natural fats, and of protein which helps the maintenance and growth of healthy bones and muscle! Nuts and seeds contain complex omega fats and vital nutrients, which tend to be tricky to get in the modern diet.

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We are rather obsessed with whole oats at graze, and try to get them into as many of our baked goods as possible.

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Nutritionally, peanuts have a lot to offer, so they’re great to include as part of a balanced diet.

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Pecans are a delicious source of healthy fats and fibre, as well as manganese which helps protect your cells against oxidative stress - definitely worth keeping in your snack draw!

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These nuts are famous for their bright green colour, so they tend to be an easy one for people remember. They typically come salted in bags and are served up as bar snacks, but stripped back to their kernel, they both look and taste beautiful.

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Your health is a reflection of what you do on a consistent basis, not a one-off action, so identifying some small changes which you can make and do every day can transform all areas of your life. Before you know it, you’ll have established a healthier routine!

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plant protein

Power to the plants! Our nutritionist is a big fan of plant protein, and we love it because it tastes so good. Inspired by our much-loved veggie protein power snack, taste expert Bobby has just come up with a whole new range of deliciously crunchy snacks.

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Naturally high in fibre, and a source of vitamin E, popcorn is simply a-maize-ing! (We just couldn’t resist a corny pun). It's the perfect healthy snack whether you're at your desk or in front of the TV. All you need to do is tear off the wrapper, make a dash for your nearest microwave and enjoy a whole new kind of pop culture.

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Everything you need to know about getting enough protein in your diet.

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pumpkin seeds

Enhance the health credentials of your breakfast, salad or soup with a sprinkle of pumpkin seeds. A good source of fibre, rich in multiple vitamins and minerals as well as 9g of protein in a 30g serving, these green seeds are bound to boost your routine.

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Our favorite recipes!

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Some of our grazers just can’t bear to part with their graze boxes and have instead managed to turn our humble packaging into some impressive, new creations.

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Salads don't have to be boring! Our taste experts have a whole host of tricks up their sleeves to make this dish exciting again.

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school of farming

The graze school of farming in Kabubbu, Uganda, helps locals grow themselves out of poverty by teaching farming skills and supporting them through their first few growing seasons.

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smoothies & drinks

One of the easiest ways to up your daily fruit and veg intake is with a delicious smoothie!

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Make the most of summer with tips and tricks from the graze kitchen.

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Nature is beyond smart and we’re constantly discovering new and incredible ways in which the food that grows on our planet delivers health benefits for us humans.

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When she was creating the graze Afternoon Infusion, our chief taste expert Ellie worked closely with a tea master. She came away with a flawless knowledge of how to store, brew and serve tea!

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the graze team

Find out more about the people working behind the scenes at graze HQ. From the kitchen to the studio and farms across the country, these are the stories behind the graze box!

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Tips and advice for people avoiding meat, fish, dairy, eggs and honey, helping you have the best lifestyle to support your health.

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veggie crisps

Vegetable crisps have the health advantage over potato crisps because they can be dried rather than fried, creating a naturally delicious wholesome snack with many more vitamins and nutrients than fried potato crisps.

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The home of cosiness! Tips, tricks and recipes to make healthy choices during the coldest months of the year.

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