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“These crunchy little seeds are wonderful and I’ve had them on everything recently. This recipe uses coconut milk in place of double cream and you really can’t tell the difference. The secret is a good high percentage chocolate, it creates such an intense chocolate flavor without being too rich.”

“The chia coating on these truffles just makes them even more delicious. They add a little bit of texture that you need to cut through the chocolate and what’s so great about the chia is that they provide that extra nutritional oomph.”

Steph, guest blogger
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  • 23 cup (70% or higher cocoa) dark chocolate
  • 3 tbsp light coconut milk
  • 15 cup chia seeds


Finely chop the dark chocolate and place into a medium sized bowl. In a separate, microwave safe, mixing bowl add the coconut milk.

Microwave for twenty five seconds or until very warm, be careful not to boil the milk. Quickly add the warm coconut milk to the dark chocolate and cover with a saucepan lid or a large dinner plate.

Leave the chocolate mix untouched for five minutes. After five minutes, gently stir until the chocolate has melted. If you find some of the chocolate not melted, place back in the microwave for 10 seconds at a time, being careful not to overcook the mixture.

When the mix is fully melted cover the bowl with cling film and leave in the fridge overnight. Once the truffles are chilled, place the chia seeds into a small bowl ready for coating. Using a dessert spoon, scoop out the truffle mixture and roll in between your hands to form a small ball.

Dip the ball into the chia seed and roll around until well coated. Place the coated truffle onto a lined plate and repeat until all the truffle mixture has been used up.

Cover the plate of truffles and place into the fridge for 1-2 hours to firm up. Truffles will keep covered for a couple of days in the fridge. Enjoy!


By Stephanie, guest blogger.

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