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what does it mean to be “healthy”?

On World Health Day 2017 we chat with grazer & prenatal and postnatal exercise specialist, Sara Haley, about what ‘being healthy’ means to her.

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Today is World Health Day . . . and it got me thinking about what being healthy really means to me. It has definitely changed since becoming a mom, especially a mom of two. Why? Because honestly, it just became that much harder to focus on my own health.

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drinking enough water

Whenever I get asked about my #1 health and diet tips, I always say water. So often when you think you are hungry you are actually dehydrated! Water not only flushes out toxins, improve skin complexion, keeps you regular, boosts your immune system, and prevents cramps and strains, but it can really help prevent you from packing on extra pounds. -Sara

We weren’t surprised that drinking plenty of water was at the top of Sara’s list! Everyone knows it is important to drink plenty of water each day but this is often one of the easiest things to forget to do!

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eating healthy food (especially snacks!)

I have a snacking problem . . . I really do. So, I HAVE to make sure that my snacks are healthy. Of course, meals are essential too, but I’m on the go so much with the kids that I ALWAYS have snacks with me. I’ve realized that the key to choosing my snacks is to make them sustainable so I don’t continue to snack. -Sara

Obviously we LOVE the fact that eat healthy foods and snacks is Sara’s #2 when it comes to being healthy! It’s much easier to make healthy choices throughout the day when you always have healthy options.

Stock up on graze snacks!
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I’ve also become a huge fan of Graze snack boxes. I get a box anywhere from 1-3 times a month. You can curate them yourself by choosing which kinds of snacks you like the best (salty, sweet, low-carb, protein-filled, etc). The best part is the portions. I NEVER feel like I’m overindulging, yet I still feel satisfied.

Sara Haley
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exercising regularly

I’m sure you’re not surprised this is on my list, although it’s probably the one that’s changed the most since becoming a mom. Pre-kids exercising regularly meant at least 6 days a week for an hour. Ha. Now, this means moving my body more quickly at some point during the day. -Sara

It is SO important to stay active and we love the fact that Sara makes it a priority to keep moving. Our nutritionist Jess agrees! One of her favorite sayings is “a body that keeps in motion stays in motion”. Find an activity you enjoy doing, set goals and do it!

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My exercise goals are now to work out for at least 30 minutes 4-5 days a week. If I get in 5 days I pat myself on the back, and if those sessions get anywhere close to an hour, I consider myself a complete rockstar.

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getting enough sleep

Okay, so this one is huge and my biggest struggle. Can you relate? The bottom line, though, is that sleep can literally make or break everything else. Even if you’re hydrated, eating well, and exercising, if you don’t get enough sleep then you will still feel like crap. Am I right? Sleep is like everything else – you have to find what works for you. Some of us feel amazing on 6-7 hours and others need more. -Sara

Who else struggles with getting enough sleep?? When life gets busy it can be hard to get enough sleep each night but it’s so important to feeling healthy and happy.

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being present

This is also something that has changed a lot for me due to motherhood and moreover, due to social media. We have sooo many distractions in our life. I feel so out of balance and unhealthy when my mind is everywhere. Whether that means I’m with my boys and my mind keeps wandering to work or I’m working on a project and my mind is thinking about all of the household items I still have to get done. -Sara

We totally agree with Sara on this one! It can be so hard to take time to be present and enjoy every moment in the day with so many distractions but making an effort to be more present can make a big difference towards being and feeling healthier!

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