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trend alert: swe-avory

May 29 2018 by Phoebe

What if sweet and savory teamed up? That’s right, the latest trend to take the food world by storm is swe-avory.

Choc and Chilli

While the debate over pineapple on pizza rages on, swe-avory takes unexpected flavor combinations to a whole new level. Rather than using ingredients that add just a hint of sweet or savory to food, curious taste buds are on the hunt for something that layers wildly different flavors together to create one seamless snack. What makes this idea so appealing? Like Willy Wonka’s never-ending gobstopper, us foodies can’t get enough of experiencing a truck-load of flavor in the same mouthful.

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It’s in our nature to crave a variety of different flavors. We use sugar for energy and salt for essential nutrition, so when we get both at once our brain experiences ‘sensory specific satiety’ - or in foodie terms… ultimate satisfaction

Holly, graze taste expert

When it comes to cooking up swe-avory treats in the graze kitchen, we always make sure we put our stamp on it. That means using the best ingredients nature has to offer, without any artificial colours, flavors or preservatives. Our taste experts knew they’d hit gold when they matched salted pretzel sticks with a smooth cocoa hazelnut dip - a crunchy, swe-avoury dream come true. Another favorite combo of ours is the natural sweetness of beetroot paired with jalapeno chickpeas for a sweet and spicy hit.

Experiment with swe-avoury at home

If you’re anything like us, you can’t help experimenting in the kitchen. Making something swe-avory yourself could be as simple as pairing your favorite cheese with an unexpected fruit or chutney.

Why not try one of these crazy combos straight from our taste experts’ imaginations?

  1. Cool, creamy goats cheese with a tangy side of chilli jam
  2. Grilled watermelon salad with mint and feta
  3. Baked sweet potato slices with nut butter, cinnamon and spicecream

(Yep, that’s spicy icecream. You heard it here first.)

Are you a fan of swe-avoury snacks?

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By Phoebe, graze blogger.

Phoebe is one of the graze bloggers, she's always on the look out for the latest trends and spends way too much time looking at pictures of other people's food on Instagram! Her favourite graze snack is spicy sriracha crunch 🌶

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