the story behind our oat flapjack

June 28 2017 by Sophie

From a 30 year old recipe to the most popular snacks in our range. This is the story of the famous graze flapjack.

The white family bakers

the White Family

Lynne and the White family are the only people we trust to make our flapjacks. Their traditional rustic rolled-oat recipe, handed down through the generations, hasn't changed in 30 years. In fact, her son Ben is now old enough to be running their family bakery in the British countryside, where he follows the recipe to the book.

The flapjack that come out of the White family bakery are made with the finest British rolled oats and are hand baked in small batches, to make a flapjack that tastes genuinely homemade.

Being baked in small batches also means the whole rolled oats keep all their natural goodness, for a source of fiber and manganese, a nutrient which supports the immune system and protects cells from oxidative stress.

Our taste experts know what flavors taste great together, so they work with Lynne and Ben, adding their own wholesome ingredients to craft the unique graze flapjacks.

Some of our very first inventions back in 2010 launched the graze White family collaboration, with classic British countryside combinations of original fruity, honeycomb and apple & cinnamon.

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A collection of graze flapjacks

same recipe - new flavors

A couple of years after launching the now famous graze flapjacks, our taste experts started a new round of tasty creations. This time they chose some of their favorite modern classics - lemon drizzle, summer berry and pumpkin spice - capturing the flavors with wholesome ingredients like lemon juice and yogurt, strawberry and raspberry infused cranberries, and dates and pumpkin spice mix.

You've never tasted flapjacks like these before!


oat power with a protein upgrade

This time, we took the White family recipe and give it a protein boost. Our protein flapjacks are made with deliciously nutritious ingredients like flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, as well as our innovative soy protein crispies.

Protein crispies are a simple blend of soy protein, rice flour, malt extract and a touch of salt. This is blended and then puffed in a similar way to rice crispies and makes these flapjacks a delicious source of protein.

We've created three new flavors using honey, cocoa & vanilla, and banana - try popping them in your gym bag for a tasty post-workout boost!

the benefits of protein and fiber

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We love experimenting with new flavors in our famous flapjack recipe! And since the success of our protein flapjacks, we thought we’d try adding some of our favorite new ingredients - ancient grain quinoa, superfood maca and baobab.

Jocelyn, graze taste expert

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