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the best low-calorie snack combos ever

Food is great. Food combos are better. Try our surprising pairings that offer a nutritional payload AND taste great together.

mango + avocado

It may seem like a strange pair at first glance, but avocados are almost flavorless when combined with sweet foods. This is one smoothie mixture you can’t afford to miss: the disease-fighting antioxidants in mangos – know to nutrition gurus as carotenoids – are fat soluble. In English, that means they need a helping hand from avocado’s healthy monounsaturated fats before they can benefit your body. Blend a few times a week with a little honey for an immunity pep up.

broccoli + eggs

Forget a carb-loaded brunch; herein lies a better cure for sore-headed Sunday mornings. Eggs pack an amino acid called cysteine, which actually helps remove the toxins left behind by one martini too many. Step one is to mix up an omelet. Step two: throw in nature’s multivitamin, broccoli and reap the benefits of all its hangover-abating vitamin C. A study done in the UK found that more vitamin C equals a healthier complexion too – so you can ditch the sunglasses in the morning.

chocolate + cranberries

Warning: this one may tantalize your sweet tooth. American researchers discovered that a little dark chocolate a day goes a long way for your health, actually lowering your blood pressure (we think it increases your happiness too, but we’re no scientists). Chop up some dried cranberries and mix them with melted dark chocolate– they’re loaded with quercetin, which combines with the chocolate’s antioxidants to create a unique health-boosting two-for-one.

mussels + lemon

While they’re superstar ingredients on their own, the marriage of the two leads to a major upgrade. Citrus enhances your body’s ability to absorb iron, a key micronutrient for energy and vitality. And mussels aren’t short in the iron department. Mix lemon juice with olive oil and pour over your mussels for a zesty, refreshing, energy-boosting meal.

oats + OJ

Here’s a classic breakfast with big benefits! Sinking a glass of vitamin C-abundant orange juice at the same time as eating a bowl of steal cut oats can help keep your arteries healthy. Food scientists attribute this to the antioxidants from each working in tandem to help control cholesterol. For an even more delicious and healthful meal, sprinkle on cinnamon and get your OJ cold pressed.

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