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the benefits of pumpkin seeds

September 2 2016 by Jess

We love including these little seeds in our graze snacks since they are full of benefits! We’ve asked our nutritionist Jess to share her favorite benefits of pumpkin seeds and her favorite ways to include them in her daily diet.

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Did you know that pumpkins belong to the gourd family just like cantaloupe, watermelon, cucumber, and squash? You can buy pumpkin seeds in many different forms - raw, roasted, shelled, or and unshelled.

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benefits of pumpkin seeds:

  • zinc for healthy brain function, fertility and DNA replication
  • phosphorus for healthy bones and teeth
  • magnesium for healthy electrolyte balance and a sound working nervous system
  • copper for a healthy immune system and healthy looking hair and skin
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Jess's 5 favourite ways to use pumpkin seeds:

  • Slow roasted on a low heat with tamari sprinkled on top
  • Sprinkled into a summer salad
  • Chopped and added into your muffin or granola recipe for extra crunch
  • Added into a homemade granola or bircher muesli
  • Sprinkled on top of avocado toast
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By Jess, graze nutritionist.

Our nutritionist extraordinaire, Jess trained at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition and is a registered practitioner with the British Association for Applied Nutrition & Nutritional Therapy. She's the creator of our health badges, to help you choose the snacks and boxes that are right for you. Check out everything from Jess on our blog, with recipes and tricks to help you keep making better choices, or go to Jess's blog at jessipes.co.uk for even more.

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