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Snack stories: spicy sriracha crunch

May 7 2018 by Simon

When it comes to making new snacks, we let our imagination (and taste buds) run wild. Take our seriously spicy sriracha crunch, for example...

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I challenged myself to take my hot sauce obsession to the next level, by trying it on everything from rice cakes to roasties, in a bid to create the ultimate in spicy snacking.

Bobby, graze taste expert

Mixing imagination with wholesome ingredients is what makes us tick. So there were no exceptions when we set about making this dynamite veggie snack with a tangy hot sauce. We knew we had to scour the world for the best flavor combinations, so you could snack safely in the knowledge that you’re crunching away on the very best.

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Saucing ingredients

And so the search for the ultimate hot sauce began. Our ingredient hunters searched far and wide across the globe, and hit the winner in Thailand; nothing beat the fiery sriracha.

But every great flavor needs a worthy companion. To make something deliciously unique, we wanted to pair our spicy sriracha seasoning with a brand new ingredient. On our explorations around different states, we discovered half-popped corn kernels. Turns out they’re twice as tasty coated in authentic sriracha sauce!

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By Simon, graze blogger.

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