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September Survival Guide

August 29 2017 by Jess

There's more to being September-ready than stocking up on stationary. Prepare yourself for fall with these hacks from our nutritionist.

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It can be tough to shake off the summer vacation mind set and get back to your normal routine. Try these simple hacks to hit the ground running with healthy habits this September!

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don't skip breakfast

Start strong with a balance of protein, fiber and healthy fats first thing in the morning to keep your blood-sugar levels even and your energy levels high.

Breakfast is so important! When your blood sugar levels are on an even keel, your energy levels are maintained until your next meal and your hormones are in check, without a blood sugar roller-coasting situation and subsequent over-eating or poor food choices being made. Protein, healthy fats and fiber are so important, and it's easier than you think to pack them all in.

Jess, graze nutritionist

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eat protein with every meal

Protein stabilizes blood sugars, reduces cravings and helps maintain healthy muscles.

The good news is that there’s loads of tasty natural ways of getting protein in your diet, without relying on powders and shakes. The best way to nourish your body with protein is by balancing it with our other macronutrients throughout the day, including some form of protein with every meal and snack.

our nutritionist’s favorite protein sources:

  • Fish (salmon, tuna, sardines, and shellfish)
  • Poultry (chicken, turkey)
  • Eggs (boiled or poached)
  • Nuts (almonds, cashews, & walnuts )
  • Seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, chia & flax)
  • Legumes (including beans, lentils & pulses)
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stay hydrated

Your brain is made up of 80% water - dehydration can slow down brain power and concentration. Sip on water throughout the day to keep focused.

Top tip: Try drinking your liquids at least 15 minutes before eating and then up to an hour after. Digesting food is a delicate process, and your stomach and intestines work very hard to break everything down, absorb nutrients and utilize them. Drinking water with meals dilutes those digestive enzymes so your digestion has to work extra hard to get the same result and it becomes less efficient.

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up your veggie intake

Fruits and vegetables are natural nutrient powerhouses. They contain the vitamins, minerals, nutrients and fiber to drive all of our billions of chemical reactions going on every second in our bodies.

They are also amazing sources of energy, helping fuel our every move. A massive thing you can do for your overall health is to start eating vegetables with every single meal - between 5 and 10 portions a day is ideal.

Fruits and veggies contain antioxidants to help to protect our cells from oxidative stress which is a process that happens when your body is exposed to stress – you can compare it to internal rusting. Depending on the amount of oxidative stress happening, you’ll need to up your intake.

Jess, graze nutritionist

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be snack-ready

Have your favorite nutritionist-approved snacks on hand, ready for when you need them by stocking up on the graze online shop.

In all my years as a nutritionist, one of the main pieces of advice I give people from my own experience is to set up a snacking routine. It can really help you keep consistent with healthy eating if you're prepared with healthy and satiating snacks for when those hunger pangs strike.

Jess, graze nutritionist

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By Jess, graze nutritionist.

Our nutritionist extraordinaire, Jess trained at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition and is a registered practitioner with the British Association for Applied Nutrition & Nutritional Therapy. She's the creator of our health badges, to help you choose the snacks and boxes that are right for you. Check out everything from Jess on our blog, with recipes and tricks to help you keep making better choices, or go to Jess's blog at for even more.

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