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December 8 2017 by Sophie

These protein ball decorations are fun for grazers of all ages, and a perfect activity for the holidays!


Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer

You can use any protein balls for these super simple reindeer. We've chosen peanut butter cocoa protein balls and used pretzels for the antlers, cranberries for the nose and white chocolate and cacao nibs for the eyes.

Top tip: Stick your reindeer down with little dollop of melted white chocolate!

You'll need:

  • protein balls
  • pretzels
  • white chocolate (melted)
  • dried cranberries
  • cacao nibs

Frosty the snowman

These snowman are bit more tricky! If you want Frosty to stand up we recommend using cocktail sticks, although make sure you take them out before eating them!

We've used coconut cashew protein balls for our snowmen, with shards of carrot chips for the nose, raspberry fruit strings for the arms and white chocolate and cacao nibs for the eyes.

You'll need:

  • protein balls
  • carrot chips
  • raspberry fruit strings
  • white chocolate (melted)
  • cacao nibs
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Holiday puddings

This is definitely the tastiest of the trio! Melt white chocolate to drizzle artfully on top of some peanut butter cocoa protein balls to look like the icing on a holiday pudding, and decorate with pumpkin seeds and freeze dried raspberries for some tiny tasty holly.

You'll need:

  • protein balls
  • white chocolate (melted)
  • pumpkin seeds
  • freeze dried raspberries

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