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Meet Solomun, star pupil

May 10 2017 by Sophie

Solomun and his family are one of the biggest success stories from the graze school of farming.

solomun father

learning to grow

Solomun was taught modern farming techniques by trainers from the graze school of farming in Kabubbu, Uganda. He passed on this new knowledge to his parents, and together they started a modest plot in the land around their house.

Now they are growing 24 varieties of fruit and veg (including sprouts, sweet potatoes, spinach and the staple food in the village - maize). They also have a goat, given to them by the graze school of farming, which provides all the family with milk.

kabubbu farming stall
solomun family

helping to thrive

Solomun owns his own chickens, and feeds them grain from the maize he helps his parents to grow. This means they can add eggs to their diet of homegrown foods.

After helping his family thrive so successfully, it's safe to say that Solomun is not only top of his class in school, he is officially an award-winning farmer!

Solomun's story is just one of many success stories in and around Kabbubu.

And this is just the beginning...

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