meet our taste experts!

We have entire team of taste experts (yes it’s a real job!) who have devoted the last 7 years to create over 1,000 new graze recipes. Then our team determines which are the very best for you to enjoy!

let's make good exciting!

We believe good snacks should be exciting – this means creating deliciously wholesome snacks by combining good-for-you ingredients like raw almonds, jumbo raisins and pecans with just the right portions of your favorite treats like dark chocolate or mini fudge pieces.

jess and ele blackboard

Eleanor - Head Taste Expert

What do you do at graze?

*I lead the team of taste experts in the kitchen and experiment with exciting new recipes. It’s my job is to taste them and make sure each and every one tastes as good as the last. I even had to get my tastebuds insured! (Seriously! Read about it here!) *

Favorite graze snack?

I love our lemon drizzle flapjack. We’ve been working with master baker Lynne for 5 years and this is her best recipe yet. It’s delicious and true to the original family recipe they’ve been making on their Cotswold’s farm for generations.

Jess headshot

Jess - In-House Nutritionist

What’s your role?

I check each and every graze snack to make sure we can award it at least one of my 7 nutrition badges, like one of your 5-a-day fruits & veggies or under 150 calories.

Favorite snack?

I’m loving Punchy Protein Nuts. It’s a great example of how Mother Nature provides some pretty amazing ingredients for us! It’s full of powerful nutrients with the benefits of 7 grams of protein. Plus, they have a punchy chili lime kick - yum!

Jess's favorite graze snacks

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