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ideas to reuse & recycle your graze box

Happy Earth Day! Thinking of ways to keep our Earth beautiful? Don’t throw out your empty graze snack packs! Here are 3 fun and easy ways to recycle your graze box:

craft 1

for crafting

The plastic snack packs are just the right shape and size to use for crafting! We always save them to use for paint cups. Tip: Save all of your clean empty snack packs and donate them to a daycare to use for their painting projects!

beauty graze box 2

for organizing

Clean out your empty snack packs use them in a graze box to keep things organized. You can even paint the kraft paper dividers like we did in the photo below. We love the idea of using the snack packs & a graze box to store extra jewelry, or all of those mini beauty product samples! (Thanks @birchbox!)

chia seeds planted 3

for planting

Keep your empty snack packs to use for planting. These snack packs are the perfect size for seedling plants. We also used them to create fun mini chia gardens for our desks!

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