how to use baobab

What is baobab and how to use it?

What is baobab?

Baobab is one of the latest superfoods on the market! The baobab fruit grows in the African savannah on the Adansonia tree, also known as the Tree of Life (home to Rafiki in the Lion King). It’s the only fruit that dries naturally on the branch - cooked by the hot desert sun. Then the harvested fruit is simply cleaned and turned into a powder.


what are the benefits of baobab?

Our baobab powder is raw, with absolutely nothing else added. It has a natural tang and sweetness, some say it even tastes like sherbert!

Baobab is the only fruit which dries on the branch and this is why it's so naturally sweet making it the perfect superfood ingredient to include in our graze snacks.

The caramel citrus flavors pair nicely with coconut, mango and other tropical fruit, making it a great way to add potassium and fiber to a morning smoothie!

how can you use baobab?

US baobab infographic
baobab tea

lemon, ginger & baobab tea

Ele loves creating baobab tea!

baobab truffles

cacao, orange & baobab truffles

Does it get any more delicious than truffles? Nope, we didn't think so!

baobab oats

almond, coconut & baobab overnight oats

These oats are super charged with coconut water, almonds and the new super fruit on the block - baobab! Make it the night before for a tropical-protein-packed breakfast. Ellie, graze taste expert

baobab ice cream

mango & baobab ice cream

Make this delicious mango and baobab ice cream right in your very own kitchen... it's easier than it sounds, promise!

recipe video

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