how to stay healthy when life gets busy

Why is it so difficult to make healthy snacking decisions when you are busy? Many people start with a healthy, nourishing breakfast, grab whatever they can for lunch and then all of a sudden the 3 pm sugar cravings kick in and people begin reaching for any bar of chocolate, donut or candies they can!

Snack time is often the time of the day where people have trouble making healthy decisions but it’s easy to change this by getting organized and having healthy snacks ready. Everyone is different but I usually recommend a mid-morning and a mid-afternoon snack. Eating a few hours after breakfast will perk up your brain after a long morning or being alert at work or school to tide you over until lunchtime. Post lunch, most people are pleasantly full but a few hours later around 3 pm is when people really begin to crave another pick-me-up. Enjoying a mid-afternoon snack will help prevent you from raiding your pantry after a long day at work or school and help you stay full until dinner time.

Remember, you have the choice to do incredible things for your body. Don’t let the excuses of “my campus has no food” or “I didn’t have time to prepare something” deter you away from sticking to your goals and keeping your mind, body and spirit healthy. Eating the right foods can truly transform your day. The healthier your body is, the more productive and efficient you will be!

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get organized to stay on track

The key to keeping healthy is maintaining a handful of healthy rituals that you enjoy and practice every day. Mapping out what you’re going to eat, planning your meals ahead of time and buying all of your ingredients ahead of the time are some of the best habits for lifelong health. Sunday is usually a perfect day to spend at least 20 minutes meal planning before the week is in full swing!

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have snacks ready to make better snacking decisions

If healthy snacks aren’t on hand and if your class or work schedule changes, you’ll be caught empty handed! When you are starving hungry your brain will selectively choose whatever is the most calorie and sugar dense to try and keep up your emergency energy supplies. This is why when you don’t always make the best snacking decisions when you are pressed for time. Healthy snacks aren’t always easy to come by which is why it’s so important to always have a few healthy snacks with you when you have a busy schedule.

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fill up on nutrients by eating more nuts and seeds

Nuts are a great snack because they are calorically dense as well as nutrient dense for a very small amount. To reap the nutritional benefits try to start cooking more with nuts and seeds. I often buy nuts and seeds in bulk because I am constantly using them in recipes; they are so easy to throw on salads or blend into delicious fruit and seed truffles!

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