how to recycle graze packaging

Everything you need to know about graze packaging and how to recycle it!

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It would be impossible for us to mail you delicious graze snacks without some type of packaging! We’ve worked hard to find materials that are sensitive to the environment and to create packaging designs to fully protect your snacks. Many of our materials are from 100% sustainable sources and 100% recyclable but there are a few small things that aren’t so we’ve created this helpful guide with everything you need to know about recycling your graze packaging!

Can I recycle my graze box and snack packs?

Yes! We’re proud to say your box is completely recyclable! And all of our snack packs are made from PET number 1 plastic which is also recyclable but please throw the the top layer used to seal the snack pack away. This is made from mixed plastics so it is not recyclable but can be incinerated for energy!

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Learn more about your graze box!

We are really proud of our famous graze box designs! The Kraftpak material is very strong while using as little material as possible. (Seriously, try comparing it to a normal cardboard box and see how much thinner it is!) Despite the thin Kraftpak our boxes are able to withstand plenty of travel to keep your snacks safe. We are also very proud to use material is from sustainable forests!

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