healthy, hearty breakfast recipes

We have been so impressed with all of the delicious and hearty breakfasts all over Instagram lately! We’ve rounded up our favorite recipes by grazers featuring their favorite graze snacks. We think these recipes are the perfect breakfasts to kickstart a long day. Which is your favorite?

cinnamon persimmon toast

Wholegrain bread + slices of persimmon + pomegranate seeds + bits of almond + yogurt + graze’s cinnamon apple pie snacks = best fall toast recipe!

Recipe: @realandvibrant

UGC smoothie bowl photo

pumpkin pie smoothie

1 cup almond milk + ½ cup pumpkin purée + 1 banana + vanilla protein + pumpkin seeds + graze’s whole grain pumpkin spice flapjacks = the only pumpkin pie smoothie recipe you’ll ever need!

Recipe: @fitfoodieg

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