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DIY vegan buddha bowl

January 1 2017 by Jason

What do we love more than a healthy meal? A healthy meal that’s easy to make! One thing we can’t get enough of lately are these ‘buddha bowls’. Wondering “what is a buddha bowl”? It’s pretty much a big bowl of goodness!

What is a buddha bowl?

A buddha bowl is a hearty bowl of vegan goodness. (They are a favorite in the graze office because they are so healthy and filling!) These bowls will usually have various mixed greens, raw or roasted veggies, vegan protein like tofu or nuts and a healthy grain like quinoa. You can throw anything you have on hand in the fridge into your buddha bowl and mix it up with different dressings or toppings, which is why these make for such a delicious and easy lunch!

jason vegan buddha bowl

buddha bowl

buddha bowl

By Jason, graze taste expert.

Taste expert Jason loves experimenting in the kitchen. He spends most of his time working with our tech team to keep the graze online shop running at its best. In his spare time he grows succulents and makes his own crockery.

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