better-for-you 'freakshakes'

Warning: Napkins and a friend are definitely necessary.


We’ve been craving all of the insanely decadent Black Tap milkshakes here in NYC but we didn’t want to consume all the calories! So we set out to create better-for-you-yet-equally-decadent graze milkshakes and exceeded even our own expectations with these snickerdoodle cookie and banana cream pie milkshakes.

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banana cream pie milkshake recipe

This shake looks decadent but with ingredients like coconut milk, fresh fruit, greek yogurt and graze snacks there's no reason to feel guilty!

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snickerdoodle black tap milkshake

And we know your mouth is probably watering after all of these delicious photos so we are sharing our recipes for you to make your own over-the-top graze milkshakes inspired by NYC’s Black Tap. Don’t forget to take a photo and share with us on Instagram! Tag @grazeusa and use #grazesnacks!

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