the benefits of cacao

One of our favorite superfoods, cacao is a great better-for-you alternative to traditional chocolate. It has a long list of nutritional benefits, but tastes just as delicious and decadent as regular cocoa!

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what is cacao?

The very best cacao powder comes from Peruvian cacao beans. These beans dry out in the heat of the tropical sun before being ground into a powder.

why do we love cacao?

Cacao is one of the easiest superfoods to add to your daily routine and maybe one of the tastiest! Cacao powder and nibs taste chocolate-y with a hint of rich caramel can easily be added to your regular recipes like smoothies or baked treats. Plus, cacao packs way more nutritional benefits than regular cocoa!

Jess with cacao

cacao powder is one of the most nutrient-rich superfoods and is...

  • good source of protein
  • high in dietary fiber
  • high in iron and magnesium to reduce tiredness
  • a source of copper to support a healthy immune system
  • a source of potassium to help maintain a normal blood pressure
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