9 healthy late night snacks

May 31 2017 by Carli

Does anyone else struggle with craving snacks late at night? (It’s okay, it happens to everyone sometimes!) We’ve rounded up 9 of our favorite healthy late night snacks to help you eat better when those nighttime cravings hit. Which is your favorite?

carrot crisp chocolate bark header 1

vegan chia chocolate bark

Sometimes when you are craving something sweet late at night, only chocolate will do the trick. When those late night chocolate cravings hit, we suggest this delicious, vegan recipe from our graze ambassador Shaliza. She used healthy ingredients like chia seeds, carrot chips, hemp seeds and 100% pure cocoa powder to create these sweet yet entirely vegan chocolate treats!

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frozen protein granola bites 2

frozen protein granola bites

What should you eat when you are craving ice cream late at night but don’t want to eat something unhealthy? These frozen protein granola bites are the perfect healthy alternative to ice cream. Not only are these delicious, but they are a good source of protein and you can easily make a large batch to store in the freezer to snack on instead of making a late night trip to the store for a pint of ice cream loaded with sugar!

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truffles close up 3

coconut & pineapple protein truffles

These coconut and pineapple truffles have a delicious tropical twist and are one of our favorite summer snacks to curb our late night cravings. If you are the type of person who enjoys a few bites of something sweet -- yet healthy -- after dinner or late at night, this might just become your new go-to recipe! These truffles aren’t chocolate based which is perfect for people who like fruit-based desserts.

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mug cake 4

toffee apple mug cake

You may have seen this recipe on our blog but it really is SO delicious, easy to make and packed with protein that we just had to re-share it. As soon as our graze ambassador Ashleigh shared her recipe for this toffee apple mug cake we knew this would become one of our favorite healthy dessert recipes! Mug cakes are really simple to make, which is why it’s the perfect snack to make if you begin craving that leftover cake late at night!

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 organicandhappy peanut butter banana smoothie bowl triple berry smoothie 5

peanut butter and banana smoothie bowl

If you thought smoothies weren’t decadent enough to curb your night time cravings, think again! This peanut butter and banana smoothie bowl recipe from our graze ambassador Natasha is indulgent enough to satisfy your sweet treat cravings, but light enough that you won’t feel too full if you are eating this late at night.

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cauliflower pizza top down 6

easy, gluten-free cauliflower pizza

Does anyone else crave pizza after a late night out with friends? This recipe is the most complicated on our list of healthy late night snack recipes BUT it’s definitely worth it. Our taste expert Bobby used cauliflower as the base for pizza to make it gluten-free. Not only is this a great healthy hack but we think it’s delicious!

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banana split large 7

nearly-naked banana split

Our graze ambassador Christine is always whipping up healthy yet amazingly simple recipes for herself and her toddler. Banana splits are such a classic sweet treat in the summer and we love her healthy twist on this recipe. Make this healthy banana split for the family after dinner or for yourself late at night. Oh, did we mention you only need 3 ingredients? #Winning!

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vegan spiced almond cocoa 8

vegan spiced almond cocoa

This healthy nighttime snack is perfect for those chilly fall and winter months. Sometimes, there is nothing better than a warm mug of hot cocoa right before bed, but some recipes are loaded with refined sugars. Our vegan cocoa is made with almond milk and delicious spices like nutmeg and ginger for a truly decadent drink.

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beetroot chocolate pots close up 9

chocolate + beet mug cake

We saved the best for last! Chocolate mug cake is such a classic late night dessert so we knew we had to find a way to create a healthy version of our favorite treat. We’ve used wholesome ingredients (like graze beet chips!) to make a healthy treat that contains no added salt, sugar or oil so you won’t ever feel guilty about making this mug cake at midnight.

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