breakfast recipes from the graze ambassadors!

We've rounded up our favorite breakfast recipes from our graze ambassadors for you! Which is your favorite?

waffles 1

banana protein waffles

Looking for a hearty breakfast with plenty of protein to help you power through a long day? We are loving this recipe from our graze ambassador Constance. This is one of her go-to breakfasts to fuel a busy morning or recover after a workout.

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constancelyeating constance

Need a protein packed breakfast to get you through your busy morning or to refuel after a workout? This waffle is one of my favorite morning staples and can be topped with anything!

Constance, @constancelyeating
bowl 2

simple chia protein oats

Looking for a new go-to breakfast for pre or post-workout? You will love this recipe for quick and easy chia oatmeal from our UK ambassador Victoria. She suggests topping the bowl with lots of fruit, nuts and seeds for even more protein power.

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sweet potato smoothie bowl 3

sweet potato smoothie bowl

Sweet potatoes in a smoothie?? Yep! Our graze ambassador Lauren is a registered dietician and loves using roasted, chilled sweet potatoes in her morning smoothie bowl recipes. Not only does it provide a touch of sweetness but they are great healthy carbs to keep you fueled all day long!

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sweet potato 4

loaded sweet potato toast

While we are on the topic of sweet potatoes for breakfast... We LOVE the idea of using sweet potatoes as toast! Our graze ambassador Christine makes these pretty, delicious toasts topped with lots of graze goodies. Did we mention they are kid approved??

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hot cross yum chia pud 5

easy raspberry almond chia pudding

Ever have those morning where you are craving a super sweet and treaty breakfast? (Hello Mondays!) We love the idea of making chia pudding to start off your day on a sweet note. You will love this creamy vegan pudding recipe from our graze ambassador Ashleigh!

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sweet apple pie oats nalos_glutenfree_sugarfree 6

sweet "apple pie" oats

Not a fan of oatmeal? You will be after you try this recipe from our graze ambassador Shaliza! We love how she combined apples, carrot chips and sweet spices to recreate the flavors of apple pie!

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 organicandhappy peanut butter banana smoothie bowl triple berry smoothie 7

peanut butter and banana smoothie bowl

Is there anything better than the peanut butter and banana flavor combo? This peanut butter and banana smoothie bowl recipe by grazer Natasha is so easy to make and is rich enough for breakfast or dessert!

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flapjack parfait 8

flapjack 'ice cream' parfait

We love parfaits for breakfast! Our graze ambassador Weichen is the queen of delicious parfaits topped with graze snacks. How amazing does this flapjack parfait with nice cream look??

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My top 3 tips for making the perfect parfait:
- Use a pretty jar with a larger opening. This makes layering much easier.
- Use high quality yogurt. I prefer full-fat.
- Get creative with the layers. There are so many options from Graze, from flapjacks to dried fruit and nuts!

Weichen, guest blogger

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