5 ways to upcycle your graze box

Happy Earth Day! We love DIY crafting, especially if it involves upcycling! So, in honor of keeping our Earth clean and beautiful, we made a list of 5 simple crafts you can do to upcycle your graze box.

bunting 1

homemade wall decor

Grazer and blogger Ali and her daughter realized that their graze boxes had the perfect pattern to use in their crafts! They cut out leaf shapes from our Autumn themed box and taped the cutouts to some string as an easy DIY wall decoration.

There are so many fun graze box patterns for any holiday or time of the year, so you can save patterned boxes or create your own on our plain boxes!

planter 2

seed planter

Keep your empty snack packs to use for planting! They are the perfect size and shape for growing small seedling plants. Here at the graze office, we love using the empty punnets for fun mini chia gardens on our desks!

beauty graze box 3

storage case

Another one of our favorite craft ideas is using the boxes and empty snack packs as storage cases! After eating your snacks, save and clean the punnets, then pop them back into the box as an easy way to keep things organized. You can even decorate the box to personalize it in your own style! We love keeping extra jewelry, mini beauty product samples, or spare stationery in here.

scrapbook 4


Grazer Carole upcycled her graze box into a scrapbook of her vacation! Use the box dividers as photo frames, and decorate to fit the theme of your photo album!

craft 5

crafting cups

Our plastic snack packs are the perfect shape and size to use for arts and crafts! Save your clean empty snack packs and use them for paint cups or holders for crafting supplies. You can even donate them to a daycare for childrens’ painting and crafts projects!

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