5 tips to make beets taste delicious

Never cooked beets before? Scared of trying them? You must read this blog post with our in-house nutritionist’s secrets for making beets taste delicious! Jess loves beets (seriously, they are her favorite!) “Beets are a beautifully colored vegetable! They’re incredibly rich in antioxidants, fiber and taste delicious!”

Jess loves eating beets raw, steamed, pickled, sliced, dried (aka graze beet chips!), in salads, juices, smoothies and even baked desserts! While we love beets in almost any form they are an acquired taste and the best way to get used to the earthy flavor is by roasting them since this will help bring out their sweetness.

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Beets are great to incorporate into our diets for anti-inflammatory and detoxification benefits. Try incorporating beets into your diet in new and exciting ways to allow your body to enjoy ample amounts of the antioxidants it needs to perform!

Jess, graze nutritionist

5 ways to make beets and make them taste delicious!

1. Salads

Beets are meant to be in salads! Grate 1 raw beet with 2 carrots and add 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil, a handful of raisins and a pinch of salt. This is a super quick salad that is easy to throw together and tastes delicious!

2. Hummus

Make a big batch of beet hummus! Use a food processor to blend together chickpeas, roasted beet, lemon juice, black pepper, olive oil, tahini and garlic. It tastes delicious and is a gorgeous pink color!

3. Smoothies

Try beets in a breakfast smoothie! Use your favorite smoothie recipe and add in 1 raw beet. We recommend creating a mixed berry and beet smoothie. Using a beet in your smoothie can help hide the flavor if you aren’t used to beets yet. Plus it turns your smoothie into a vibrant beet red color!

4. Desserts

Didn’t think you could cook desserts with a vegetable? You are definitely wrong! Beets are delicious when added into your favorite desserts! To bake with beets first roast them to bring out their sweetness then puree them to make it easy to add into muffins or brownies. Beets and chocolate are a surprising but delicious combo!

5. Juices

Jess loves using beets for juicing! It works so well in cold-pressed juices. Simply add 3 carrots, 2 beets, a small chunk of ginger, 3 oranges to your juice press. Just be sure to serve beet juice over ice with a straw to avoid temporarily staining your whole mouth beet red!

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