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5 sweet treats that are surprisingly healthy

Didn’t think brownies or ice cream could be healthy? Here at graze we love creating healthier versions of your favorite treats! Check out 5 of our favorite dessert recipes that are surprisingly healthy! Which is your favorite?

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Humans are actually born with a natural sweet tooth! In the early days of human life our ancestors would forage for foods, and sweet flavors usually meant the ingredient was a good source energy. Foods that were less sweet often meant fewer benefits or even toxicity! So don’t feel bad the next time you are craving a sweet treat, it’s part of your DNA!

Jess, graze nutritionist

What are some healthy ways to satisfy your sweet tooth?

There are plenty of healthy options to satisfy your sweet tooth like dates, bananas, dark chocolate and much more. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite healthy sweet treat recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth with less calories, no refined sugar and much more wholesome ingredients.

choc mousse 1

raw vegan chocolate avocado mousse

Avocados in a dessert?? Yes, it’s a real thing! If you haven’t tried using avocados in your healthy dessert recipes yet you are missing out. Avocados are one of our favorite fruits and they are the perfect ingredient in your healthy dessert recipes because they are packed full of good for you fats.

Avocados provide a boost of delicious and nutritious benefits and are the perfect way to achieve a fluffy, creamy texture in a healthy vegan mousse. Plus, the healthy fats will help keep you feeling full for longer!

I know you’re probably skeptical about this recipe but trust me – this raw mousse is seriously amazing and gives you the same ‘I’m spoiling myself’ feeling as the shop bought kind, but with so many benefits. -Jess

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mango shake square 2

mango coconut freakshake

Don’t believe us that this insane milkshake recipe is actually healthy? Just take a look at the wholesome ingredients we’ve used like chia seeds, mangos and coconut milk! This recipe makes a lot so we would recommend splitting it with a friend but if you’ve been eyeing those mouthwatering, towering but unhealthy freakshakes you are going to love this recipe!

We’ve used some our favorite healthy smoothie ingredients to create a milkshake that looks decadent but offers less calories than some of the crazy milkshakes with thousands of calories!

Frozen fruit is one of my favorite ways to turns a boring smoothie into a milkshake-like creation which is packed full of goodness! It’s also easy to make healthy ice cream or “nice cream” using bananas by blending frozen berries and frozen bananas in a food processor. -Jess

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pumpkin brownies close up 3

vegan, gluten-free pumpkin brownies

Who doesn’t crave a brownie every once in awhile?? Brownies are definitely one of our favorite sweet treats but it’s definitely something we don’t want to eat on a regular basis…. Until this recipe! Our taste expert Bobby whipped up these delicious and healthy pumpkin brownies that you can enjoy without worrying about calories or refined sugar. He used wholesome ingredients like beets, dates and maple syrup to create a brownie recipe that is surprisingly healthy with no refined sugars! #winning

Dates are a great quick low calorie sweet snack! The sweet gooey richness of the date paired with a handful of almonds or walnuts is the perfect for a quick pick-me-up with no refined sugar. You can also blend dates to make a date paste which is amazing in sweet dessert recipe instead of sugar. -Jess

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vegan ice cream 4

vegan 'ice cream' sundaes

If ice cream is your go-to dessert, we think you’ll like this surprisingly healthy vegan dessert recipe! We love these healthy, vegan ice cream sundaes because they are delicious AND easy to make. (We’ve even whipped up a few of these in the office for a healthy, refreshing summertime dessert!)

Smoothie bowls may seem like an odd thing to try at first, especially if you’re not used to eating your smoothies with a spoon, but I promise you’ll love them! I like to make my smoothie extra thick so it feels like a big bowl of ice cream! -Jess

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super bites 5

dark chocolate superfood bites

If you’ve been following our blog for awhile you’ve definitely spotted our dark chocolate superfood bite recipe before! We love this healthy sweet treat because it’s so easy and versatile (you can easily swap out any ingredients depending on what you have in your kitchen!). We also love how many superfoods, like chia seeds and cacao nibs, we’ve been able to sneak into this recipe. (Read: 3 nutritionist-approved reasons to eat more chocolate!)

70 percent cacao content or more you know you’re getting a lot of goodness and antioxidants, without the added sugar and processing in typical chocolate desserts! The more bitter varieties of dark chocolate can satisfy you with just need one or two squares. -Jess

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