5 healthy Thanksgiving recipes

Thanksgiving has to be one of our favorite holidays! Is there anything more comforting than dishes featuring pumpkins, sweet potatoes and our favorite spices? Nope, we don’t think so! We’ve been working in the graze kitchen to test out different recipes recreate healthier twists on our very favorite comforting Thanksgiving dishes! There were so many delicious and nutritious recipes that we decided to round them all up for you to enjoy. Let us know which is your favorite!

pumpkin spice chia pudding

breakfast: pumpkin spice chia pudding

Does anyone else prefer a lighter breakfast on Thanksgiving to save room for dinner? This pumpkin spice chia pudding recipe is light yet hearty. We’ve used all of our favorite spices (we’re talking about you nutmeg!) and even topped it with our pumpkin spice flapjacks for an extra boost of flavor. Get the recipe!

pecan butter square
beetroot bites

appetizer: goat cheese beet bites

Our NEW dried not fried beet chips are unlike any savory snack we’ve ever created! We love their vibrant color and natural sweetness and just knew they would be the perfect healthier chip to dip with this Thanksgiving! We created a mouth-watering goat cheese and almond dip to spread over these beet chips to create a truly gourmet yet easy appetizer! Get the recipe!

salad: autumn kale salad with tahini-miso dressing

We love using seasonal ingredients in our salads and this autumn kale salad with tahini-miso dressing is one of our favorite recipes! It features some of our fall favorites like brussels sprouts and butternut squash. Even people who are less-than-enthusiastic about kale have been known to go back for seconds! Get the recipe!

pecan pie

dessert: gluten-free, vegan pecan pie

Pecan pie has to be one of our favorite Thanksgiving desserts! We knew we could whip up a better-for-you recipe though so our taste experts got creative in the kitchen and whipped up this gluten-free and totally vegan mini pecan pie recipe! This recipe might be wholesome but it still tastes like a sweet and comforting traditional pecan pie. Get the recipe!

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