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5 healthier game day recipes

Many traditional Super Bowl recipes taste amazing, but aren’t the healthiest or most nutritious for your body. Our mission was to create better-for-you twists on our favorite recipes to help you eat better while watching the big football game this weekend!

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graze’s ‘super cool’ veggie herb dip

Trying to eat more veggies, but can’t stand salads? We’ve created a super creamy, low-fat veggie dip that will help you eat more veggies without even realizing it! With tons of healthy greens, like arugula and kale, and plenty of herbs, this creamy dip packs a delicious punch of flavor. Get the recipe now!

protein-packed vegetarian chili

protein-packed vegetarian chili

Some chili recipes have loads of sugar or fatty meat but this healthy, hearty vegetarian recipe will satisfy both vegetarians and carnivores at your Super Bowl party this year!

Our nutritionist Jess recommends party-goers to “avoid snacks with empty calories and stock up on snacks that are a source of nutritional benefits like protein or fiber.”

Try our vegetarian chili recipe!

beet cheese bites making

beet cheese bites

We created a mouth-watering goat cheese and almond dip to spread over our dried not fried beet chips to create a truly gourmet yet easy appetizer! The vibrant color and natural sweetness of the chip tastes delicious with the savory cheese. Grab the recipe here!

savory seven layer dip

savory seven layer dip

A great way to make the classic seven layer dip healthier is to replace sour cream with Greek yogurt! We think this method makes the dip taste even better than the traditional recipes. Try it and see for yourself!

herby touchdown dip

herby touchdown dip

This low-fat dip definitely is so delicious your guests won’t even realize it’s a healthier swap with all of the amazing herby flavors! Plus, it’s super easy to make.

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