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5 breakfast inspirations from our grazers

We’ve seen so many posts on Instagram of our grazers incorporating their favorite graze snacks into breakfast for a nutritious and wholesome boost in the morning! So, we rounded up five of our favorite recipes. Which one is your favorite?

baobab raspberry smoothie bowl

Created by @rhianamygdala, this baobab raspberry smoothie bowl has fresh and frozen berries, peaches, grapes and our cocoa orange bites that come with a citrus-y green tea!

banana, beet and mango smoothie bowl

We love smoothie bowls, so this recipe and photo by @eastcoasthealth is no exception! This colorful smoothie bowl is made with banana, romaine, beet, and frozen mango, topped with kiwi, strawberries, more banana, and graze’s original protein flapjack. So delicious!

steel cut oats bowl

@thecuttingveg created this steel cut oats bowl, made with whole milk skyr (a type of yogurt!) drizzled in olive oil and pepper, sautéed kale, avocado, and our pro power snack mix which has roasted chickpeas, edamame and black pepper cashews! Savory and full of wholesome ingredients.

mango ginger smoothie bowl

This beautiful mango ginger smoothie bowl made by @frommybowl is topped by the cutest banana flowers, buckinis, and our superfood baobab & raspberry clusters!

fruit & creamy oats

When we saw this delicious bowl of creamy oatmeal with fruit and our favorite snickerdoodle dip made by grazer Winnie Liong @winniesbalance_ on Instagram, we HAD to ask her to feature in a guest blog post. Get her recipe!

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