4 tips to stay healthy while traveling

May 23 2017 by Sebrin

Our graze ambassador and guest blogger Sebrin is sharing her top tips to stay healthy while traveling. Do you do any of these already?

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Are you backpacking your way through Europe this summer? Perhaps you're honeymooning in the South Pacific or maybe even taking a girl's getaway through Southeast Asia. Whatever your adventure, traveling is the experience of a lifetime! But with sites to see, foods to try and being in a strange place, eating wholesome and healthy meals isn't exactly high on the priority list. After many of my own adventures (and misadventures), I've come up with 4 tips to make it that much easier to eat healthy on the road!

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try the "never 2 days in a row" rule

We all want to enjoy local treats, after all you're on vacation! But that doesn't mean your health should take a backseat. Try the "never two days in a row rule." Enjoy an unhealthy treat or cocktail, but make sure you eat super healthy the next day! And if you know you'll be eating a lot on a particular day, plan your schedule accordingly. By avoiding bad food multiple days in a row, you're meeting a middle ground that's definitely within reach.

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always have a snack on you

When you're really hungry, you'll go for the closest restaurant or snack within reach. Not only can this be quite expensive, but it's usually a very unhealthy item (anything to feed the hangry monster, right?). Carry a snack on you to avoid grabbing a gelato or pizza when you're just munching. Graze is perfect for this! They come in small, easy-to-carry containers so they don't take up a lot of space in your bag and are easy to eat.

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if you can, stick to the "2 out of 3" rule

This one seems easy enough, especially if you're traveling to a place with amazing fruits and veggies (like Southeast Asia, Hawaii or the Caribbean). Try to make two out of your three meals healthy with lots of fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and lean protein. This can mean a delicious fruit bowl at breakfast, a chicken salad at lunch and a big plate of pasta at dinner! If the first rule proves to be too difficult, this is an even more easy and authentic way to eat healthy while traveling.

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make sure you're drinking plenty of water

It's easy to mistake hunger for thirst. And you're quick to eat more unhealthy food to satisfy that "hunger" that just won't seem to go away. Drinking lots of water will not only keep you full longer, but it will also satisfy the need to stuff your face. If buying a bunch of bottled water isn't an option, bring a refillable water bottle with a filter!

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sebrin clumsy traveler guest blog post

By Sebrin, travel blogger, The Clumsy Traveler.

Sebrin is a grazer with serious case of wanderlust and the blogger behind The Clumsy Traveler! She is passion about trying to see the whole, wide world and has decided traveling the globe was her destiny. Her best traveling advice? "Dive in, get your hands dirty and have fun!"

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