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4 healthy habits nutritionists recommend doing daily

March is National Nutrition Month and we are looking for easy ways to make our daily routines healthier. Our in-house nutritionist Jess is sharing the 4 things she does everyday to make sure she is leading a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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stay active

It is so important to stay physically active because “a body that keeps in motion stays in motion”. Jess’ best tip to stay active is to find an exercise you love and do it frequently! Activities like yoga, walking, weights, dancing or swimming are good for your mood and have tons of health benefits. Moving on a regular basis decreases your risk of osteoporosis, bowel cancer and improves glucose metabolism, keeping your energy levels even.

I know how much more productive I am once I’ve done my exercise and how much better I feel having moved my body. I can’t recommend putting your sessions in your calendar or finding a training buddy – look for 3 sessions per week and do something exercise-wise that you love.

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stock up on good foods

Jess shops once a week for her main pantry items like grains, nuts, herbs or oils then makes quick trips for fresh produce as necessary. Doing the majority of your grocery shopping once a week is not only more efficient but it will also help you establish a healthy shopping and eating routine.

These are the items our nutritionist always keeps on hand:
- Grains: quinoa, amaranth, organic and gluten-free rolled oats
- Raw nuts and seeds: almonds, walnuts, Brazil nuts, sunflower and chia seeds
- Greens: kale, spinach, zucchini, broccoli, sprouts, avocado
- Herbs: mint, parsley, coriander, rosemary and basil
- Spices: cinnamon, cumin, paprika, turmeric, chili flakes, garlic, ginger
- Fruits: lemon, berries, green apples
- Oils: coconut and extra virgin olive oil
- Other: raw honey, apple cider vinegar, unsweetened almond milk and a jar of natural almond butter

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