34 healthy snacks you’ll love

Always on the hunt for quick and easy healthy snacks? You’ve come to the right place! Our nutritionist Jess rounds up her favorite tasty and nutritious snack ideas inspired by graze kitchen that are sure to please!

how to look for healthy snacks

When looking for healthy snacks, always make sure you read the ingredients on the label. In the graze kitchen, our mission is to keep ingredients as simple and as close to nature as possible so your snacks are packed with nutrients . Always make sure to check out the nutrition information too. Pro tip: be on the lookout for snacks with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fats.

All snacks were carefully curated in the graze kitchen and were given the stamp of approval from our nutritionist for their balance of wholesome ingredients and mouth-watering flavors - they’re the perfect pick-me-up between meal! Whether you’re stocking your kitchen fridge, desk drawer or backpack, always be prepared for when hunger strikes with this collection of easy, healthy snacks.

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The most satisfying and efficient snacks have a balance of protein, good fats and fiber. These three combined will carry you through to your next meal nicely, so aim for nuts, seeds, chickpeas, dips & fresh vegetables.

Jess, graze nutritionist
protein balls 1

pistachio & coconut protein balls

Looking for an exciting way to add more protein to your diet? Here’s all you need to make these tasty pistachio & coconut protein balls…

You can pop these protein balls in your lunch box for an on-the-go boost, an afternoon pick-me-up or a snack before or after your gym session. Or alternatively blend with frozen banana and your choice of milk for a protein packed smoothie! Jess, graze nutritionist

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immunity charger parfait 2

strawberries & cream yogurt parfait

Recharge your immune system with this healthy, immune boosting yogurt parfait-- which is a good source of vitamin C! For a graze twist, we’ve topped it off with our favorite pick-me-up snacks-- our strawberries and cream granola topper.

This yogurt parfait, packed with protein and full of vitamins and minerals, will help increase your body’s troops (a.k.a your white blood cells) to tackle infection and stress! Jess, graze nutritionist

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choc mousse 3

raw chocolate avocado mousse

Banana and avocado give this snack a rich and creamy texture, while the raw cacao gives this snack the perfect chocolate-y flavor that we know and love.

I know you’re probably raising a serious eyebrow right now, but trust me on this one – this raw mousse is seriously amazing and gives you the same ‘I’m spoiling myself’ feeling as the shop bought kind, but with so many benefits. Jess, graze nutritionist

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popcorn 4

pop-it-yourself popcorn

If you haven’t tried our famous popcorn yet, what are you waiting for!? Naturally high in fiber, and a source of vitamin E, they're simply a-maize-ing! (get it?!?).

With two delicious flavors to enjoy (both less than 150 calories), it's the perfect snack to satisfy your savory cravings, whether you're at your desk or in front of the TV.

All you need to do is tear off the wrapper, head over to your nearest microwave and enjoy a whole new kind of pop culture. Yum!

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toffee apple mug cake 5

toffee apple mug cake

Not only is this cake really delicious and easy to make, it also packs 15g protein for a yummy, energizing boost!

Try mixing in the apple pieces into the mug cake before you cook it. You could also make it more decadent by adding some white chocolate chips! Ashleigh, graze ambassador

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baobab truffles 6

chocolate orange baobab truffles

Gluten-free, vegan and with no refined sugars - these chocolate orange baobab truffles are pretty delicious, especially when you consider the fact that they're made with two of our favorite superfoods, cacao and baobab!

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avocado pudding 7

healthy banana avocado chocolate pudding

We can’t get enough of this healthy chocolate avocado pudding recipe by grazer and blogger Christine Bono!

This seriously delicious (yet seriously simple!) recipe is perfect for when you want to treat your taste buds to a chocolatey snack - while enjoying the benefits of vitamins and fiber.

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carrot crisps 8

vegetable chips

Vegetable chips have a health advantage over potato chips because they can be dried rather than fried. Drying the chips helps to create a naturally delicious, wholesome snack with more vitamins and nutrients than fried potato chips.

Whether or not vegetable chips are healthier than potato chips depends on the vegetable in question. Potatoes are typically not as nutrient-rich compared to beets, parsnip and carrots, all three of which make for nourishing and delicious vegetable chips. Jess, graze nutritionist

The bottom line is, switching fried potato chips for dried vegetable chips, you’re giving your body more vitamins and minerals, but still getting that delicious savory crunch.

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peanut butter and jelly chia pudding 9

pb&j chia pudding

Try this healthy twist on one of our all-time favorite snacks with this delectable PB&J chia seed pudding.

Layered chia seed pudding with peanut butter and fresh raspberries creates a healthy version of a PB&J sandwich that tastes just like dessert. Another benefit? It gives you all the vitamins of fresh fruit, minerals of chia seeds and protein of peanut butter. YUM!

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banana split 10

nearly naked banana split

Bananas are a delicious wholesome snack! They’re low in fat and cholesterol, high in vitamin B16, contain manganese, vitamin C, potassium and fiber. They’re perfect to fight off any hunger cravings any time of day. Combine them with a source of protein and you’ve got stellar workout fuel.

Late night banana split snacking made even more yummy with strawberry & cream protein topper and strawberry & rhubarb yogurt - the best way to end the weekend! Christine, guest blogger

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raw nut mixes

Nuts about nuts? Us too! They’re a great source of natural fats and protein which helps grow and maintain healthy bones and muscle.

Nuts and seeds contain complex omega fats and vital nutrients, which are really important to incorporate in the modern diet. Our taste experts love using nuts and seeds in their snack creations-- they bring so much goodness to the table and taste amazing too!

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vegan ice cream 12

vegan ice cream sundaes

Make the most of the warmer weather with these seriously indulgent vegan ice cream sundaes.

Not only will you get your vitamin and nutrient fix, you’ll also get a protein boost from our granola toppers!

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golden berry chia pudding 13

golden berry acai chia pudding

Just one tablespoon of these super seeds is an immediate nutritional boost, providing you with 4g of fiber, 3g of protein and more than a third of your recommended daily intake of omega-3 fatty acids.
Chia seeds are also source of selenium, an essential mineral which contributes to the normal function of the immune system, and phosphorus which is needed for healthy bones and teeth. Jess, graze nutritionist

This chia pudding is so quick and easy, anyone can throw it together! And with our new favorite super fruit - golden berries - mixed with the coconut and pineapple, you’re in for tasty, tropical treat.

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froyo bites thumbnail 14

frozen protein granola bites

These little frozen bites are a delicious source of protein which makes them perfect for breakfast, dessert or an afternoon treat!

The protein comes from the greek yogurt and the graze protein granola - choose whichever flavor you like and pair with fruit. All you need are some baking cups and a freezer!

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benefits of edamame beans US 15

edamame beans

Edamame are young soybeans picked from their pods. They have a good crunch and they're a fresh-tasting, healthy snack-- the perfect alternative to chips.

These beans also contain plant protein and tons of nutritional benefits, which is why we love them!

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cacao bars close up 16

homemade cacao energy bars

These DIY bars are a great way to get the energy boost you need to combat that afternoon slump.

Guest blogger Karen came up with this simple recipe to help power you through your day. They're easy to make and so delicious-- what could be better?!

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truffles close up 17

coconut & pineapple protein truffles

It’s super easy to just make your own energy bars at home!

Just follow this simple recipe from guest blogger Karen to make these deliciously chewy energy bars with all natural ingredients.

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froyo pops 18

strawberries & cream pops

These froyo pops only have 2 ingredients and all you need is a mold (even a graze snack pack works!) and a freezer.

They’re light, delicious and packed with protein. You can even play around with different toppings for a new and exciting twist!

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raw cherry cheesecake 19

raw cherry cheesecakes

If you’re looking for a sweet healthy snack, check out these raw cherry cheesecakes with a pecan crust! They’re low in sugar but will satisfy your sweet tooth - especially with the tang of dried sour cherries.

To top it off, the pecan crust adds a new nutty dimension to the usual cheesecake crust. Yum!

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dried fruit mixes

Want to snack on some healthy fruits but looking for a way to keep snacking fun and exciting? Get your fruity fix with our sweet dried fruit mixes, made with fruit puree and all natural fruit juices!

Our taste experts have combined fruit with chocolate, nuts and even dippers in graze’s classic combos-- giving you the perfect fruity boost.

Keep an eye out for our nutritionist badges which show which of our dried fruit snacks are also a source of fiber.

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matcha peach smoothie

Smoothies are a delicious, easy way of getting more fruit & vegetables packed into your daily routine. They’re a great healthy snack, and even work great for breakfast.

They make you feel great and keep you full all morning long. If you’re new to smoothies I know this is a common worry and people think they won’t keep you full – but if you make them the right way, trust me they will do. Jess, graze nutritionist

If you want to keep your smoothie recipes exciting, feel free to switch up the ingredients. Turn your smoothies bright green and do your metabolism some good by adding matcha powder!

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cookies thumbnail 22

cacao nib cookies

One of our favorite healthy recipes is our cacao nib cookies. Because cacao nibs are natural and unrefined, they’re packed full of fiber and are a natural source of iron, which helps reduce tiredness and fatigue. What a delicious way to get a superboost in your diet!

Our taste expert Holly couldn’t wait to start experimenting, and came up with these gluten-free almond & cacao nib cookies.

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peanut butter 23

peanut butter dips

Peanut butter dips are one of my favorite snacks - super simple and so delicious! Plus it has the perfect balance of protein and heart healthy fats. I love dipping celery sticks into smooth peanut butter, but you can also try apple slices or just spread it onto toast. Jess, graze nutritionist

cacao milkshake 24

raw cacao milkshakes

This recipe is for all of the chocolate fans looking for a more wholesome way to enjoy the chocolatey flavor we love, without sacrificing on taste. Just replace cocoa powder with cacao powder!

The easiest way to use cacao powder is by replacing cocoa powder in baking and smoothie recipes. Our in-house nutritionist demonstrates how making this easy swap can make one tasty milkshake, full of nutritious benefits.

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beetroot bites top down 25

beet cheese bites

Ready to impress your friends and your taste buds? If so, our new dried (not fried!) beet chips are just what you're looking for. They are a great chip alternative with a hint of sweetness.

If you're feeling fancy, we've created a goat cheese and almond dip to spread over these beet chips for a gourmet experience that's second to none.

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dried broad beans

If you're craving some chips, our snacks with beans are a savory, crunch alternative.

They're a source of protein and fiber, and they give you that super satisfying crunch-- yum!

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chia pudding landscape 27

cherry chia pudding

Looking for the perfect chia seed recipe? Look no further because we've got it!

This chia pudding is so quick and easy-- anyone can throw it together. You can use any flavor you’d like – just swap out the cherries!

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pumpkin brownies close up 28

vegan pumpkin brownies

Our taste expert Bobby shares his recipe for healthy, vegan pumpkin brownies. They’re made with beets, dates and maple syrup and best of all-- no refined sugars.

If you’re looking for a sweet, delicious way to satisfy your sweet tooth, look no further because you’ve found it!

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mug cakes top down 29

cacao mug cakes

This recipe is so simple, and it only takes 2 minutes to make! This snack tastes just like a chocolate cake, but with no dairy, gluten, or refined sugar!

You can top off these cakes with one of Holly’s recipes - caramel, blueberry crumble or raspberry.

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pecans top down 30

spiced pecans

Pecans are a delicious source of healthy fats and fiber. They’re also a good source of manganese which helps protect your cells against oxidative stress.

The delicious honey sweetness combined with the warm cinnamon spice is a healthy snack, perfect for a cozy night in!

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pumpkin seeds vegetarian turmeric broth 31

pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are such a great way of stepping up your protein intake, which helps your body maintain healthy bones and muscles. They're also a good source of zinc, which helps protect your cells from oxidative stress. It also packs iron which helps you fight fatigue!

A good source of fiber, rich in multiple vitamins and minerals and with 9g of protein in a 30g serving, these green little seeds are bound to give you a big boost!

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sugar-free ginger brownies

These sugar-free ginger cacao brownies are a chocolate lover’s dream come true.

Naturally sweetened & made with whole food ingredients, these brownies make the perfect healthy snack. Sweet yet satisfying!

Naturally sweetened with dates and graze cacao powder, you would never know these decadent and rich brownies were a healthy treat. I love graze for their real food snacks that have no high fructose corn syrup, GMO ingredients, artificial flavorings, preservatives or colors. Megan

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sweet potato 33

loaded sweet potato toasts

If you’re feeling fatigued and your body needs a boost, it’s the perfect time pack more healthy fruits and vegetables into your diet. Our loaded sweet potato toast recipe is sweet yet savory-- the best of both worlds!

You can top these toasts with whatever you'd like to satisfy your craving, so feel free to mix it uo. Our favorite combo is nut butter drizzle with crushed walnuts, cranberries and coconut. YUM!

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almonds square 34

sweet & sour almonds

Last but not least, here’s one of our favorite healthy snacks. If you always find yourself reaching for the chips, you’d might as well pick at something full of protein, healthy fats and vitamins-- sweet & sour almonds.

Almonds contain more vitamin E than any other nut. This essential vitamin protects the cells in your body from stress and damage. They’re also a great source of protein, healthy fat, fiber and magnesium. They have also been known to reduce hunger, promote weight loss, lower sugar levels and reduce blood pressure.

There are many ways of seasoning and roasting almonds, but this one is our favorite recipe!

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