3 reasons to always bring healthy snacks with you!

“There might be mixed evidence around the benefits of snacking, but I believe snacking can really help people maintain a healthy eating lifestyle -- as long as those snacks are healthy too! So, here are 3 important reasons you should always keep a healthy snack on hand.”

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positive nutrition = sustainability

Snacking is an opportunity for you to pack positive nutrition into your body and fuel it with what it needs to perform at its best.

“When you fill your body with nutritious foods that make you feel good and do your body good, you can truly focus on enjoying your health journey!”

Taking better for you snacks on the go will help you avoid snacking from a place of denial and restriction. This will make the journey to internal happiness much more enjoyable. And if it’s enjoyable, then it’s sustainable!

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keep your food choices in check

Nobody has ever made a wise food choice when they were hangry. When you’ve gone a long duration without refuelling the body, your blood sugar levels will be low and your hunger and stress hormones (namely cortisol) increase to replenish your body’s fuel.

When your body is stressed typically you will look for something quick to re-fuel. Unfortunately quick pick-me-ups tend to be something sugary and satisfying in the short-term and we forget about healthier options like greens, healthy fats and protein.

Avoid ending up with an unhealthy snack in your hands by keeping healthier snacks with you to easily refuel your body with a nutritious option! We love snacks that are easily portable because they will last in your purse or bookbag for a few days.

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avoid emotional eating

When you leave long hours between each meal, your blood sugar will drop. This contributes to irritability, lack of focus, fatigue and overeating. It is much easier to avoid a blood sugar crash when you feed your body small but consistent meals (AKA healthy snacks!).

“If you can avoid an emotional sugar crash midday it’s much easier to make food choices with a rational mind!”

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