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graze affiliate program was founded by seven friends who were sick of chips and candy, and wanted a better way to snack. They took a fresh look at the snacking industry and developed an innovative new model for snacking based on the use of technology.

At graze we want to help people snack better and show them that it does not have to come at the sacrifice of quality or taste. We believe in mindful eating – actively thinking about what you are consuming and savoring the flavor and texture of foods so you feel more satisfied and eat only what you need.

With our 8 snack variety box, graze hand-picks each box and conveniently delivers it weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly nationwide to your home or office at a low cost of $14.99 per box. You can choose exactly which snacks you receive by rating your favorites and how often they come.

Join our affiliate program today to earn money while promoting graze! Affiliates are provided with banners, creative, and other helpful tools so you can promote graze in the best way possible.

program details

  • Baseline commission rate of $2 per order
  • Flexibility in negotiating higher commission rate in exchange for extra exposure
  • 14 day cookie window

how to enroll

Use this link to join our affiliate program, provided by Commission Junction, or feel free to reach us at

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