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Reimagine the way you snack, with over 100 delicious ideas from graze delivered to your door.

3 ways to graze

try a graze subscription

Discover new flavors and enjoy healthier choices on a regular basis, with personalized graze boxes delivered to your door.

browse the graze shop

Stock up on your favorite graze snacks with your pick of over 200 delicious creations in multipacks and sharing bags.

find graze in stores

Did you know graze snacks are sold in stores too? Head to your local supermarket for a delicious on-the-go boost.


Can I select my graze snacks?

Yes and no! If you sign up for a graze subscription you will set your taste & dietary preferences and we will handpick your snacks for you. If you would prefer to select your own snacks, you are able to browse our full range at

How much does graze cost?

Graze prices ranges depending on the services and products you select. A graze subscription starts at $13.99 per box or you can purchase snacks a la carte at where products range from $3.99 to $8.99 on average. *Subject to change.

How often is my graze box delivered?

How often your graze snacks are delivered is up to you! You can choose to have weekly, bi-weekly or monthly deliveries of your graze subscription box or even snooze your box if you are going on vacation.

How do I get a free graze box?

There are a few ways to get a free graze box! The most common way to get a free graze box is through special codes on all of our ads. Our special promotional codes are only for new customer so if you have never tried graze, keep an eye out for our ads and be sure to write down the special code to receive your first graze box for free. Already a customer but interested in receiving free graze snacks? We are always sharing exclusive discounts and deals on emails and Instagram so follow us on social media for the chance to win free graze snacks!

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