Just because you’re watching your portions doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy snacking! Our taste experts have made sure every snack in this collection is naturally delicious whilst remaining under 150 calories, so you can confidently support your healthy lifestyle without missing out on flavour.

Jess, graze nutritionist

Healthy portion control guide

Our range of snacks under 150 calories is perfect for when you’re just fancying a nibble on something delicious, but you don’t want it to ruin your appetite or weigh you down afterwards. There’s a nack to portioning nutrition this perfectly, so we asked our nutritionist Jess to share some of her secrets.

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What is a calorie?

A calorie does not necessarily apply to food, quite simply it’s a unit of energy!

How many calories should I eat a day?

You can work out your Daily Calorie Needs by multiplying your Basal Metabolic Rate depending on your level of activity. Going under this amount will cause weight loss, meeting it will cause weight maintenance, and going over will cause weight gain.

Are low calorie foods healthy?

Lots of low calorie snacks you might find in supermarkets and convenience shops tend to shout about “0% fat” and “no added sugar”, when they’re actually making up for those missing ingredients with artificial flavours and sweeteners. Read more

In the graze kitchen we think it’s important to stick to naturally delicious wholesome ingredients, which we’ve carefully portioned to give you exactly the right amount of what you fancy. As always, every snack is approved by our nutritionist, Jess, so you can feel good about grazing.