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When looking at a food to see if it’s worthy of being teamed up with the word ‘super’, I would look at the nutrients it offers, as nutrient density is key. Our bodies are reliant on vitamins, minerals, essential fats, amino acids and other building blocks to steer our billions of chemical reactions that go on in our body every second of every single day, and without these raw materials, our bodies can’t thrive in the way they deserve.

Jess, graze nutritionist

What makes a food “super”?

Our ingredient hunters have sourced the best superfoods from around the world, like chia seeds from Peru, cacao from Colombia and baobab from Malawi. Our taste experts started experimenting with their favourite flavours, using wholesome ingredients to make the most of these top superfoods. Each of their creations is designed to hero a super ingredient, bringing out the distinctive flavour to make our most exciting snack collection yet!

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When should you eat these supersnacks?

Upgrade your packed lunch, 4pm break or evening drink with these unique combinations. We think our beetroot crisps are the perfect crisp alternative. Our super version of a chocolate orange using cacao nibs and real fruit juice, which is high in vitamin E to protect cells from oxidative stress is the perfect dessert substitute. Or why not try our unique coconut crisps coated in raspberry and baobab, a source of copper for a healthy immune system? With these exciting snacks you’re well on your way to making your whole day super!

What teas do graze offer?

Our chewy supersnack bars made with chia seeds and almond butter are the perfect afternoon tea break, paired with our newest graze tea, citrus green. This brand new blend is made with the finest green tea leaves from China, with a hint of bergamot for that refreshing citrus flavour. Our chia & coconut cookies are paired with our unique afternoon infusion, crafted by our chief taste expert under the guidance of a tea master. They tested over 100 different kinds of tea leaves, using her super sensitive taste buds to perfect our exceptional brew. We think it pairs perfectly with our hand baked chia cookies for a super comforting and uplifting afternoon break.