low sugar

no more than 5g of sugar per 100g

We are born with a preference for sweet foods, a natural sweet tooth. To our early ancestors, foods that were sweet indicated that they were a good source of energy, while bitterness was considered to be an indication of toxicity. However, access to sweet foods was limited, now it is everywhere!

Jess, graze nutritionist

How to cut out sugar?

Trying to cut down on sugar? Every low sugar snack in this handy collection has no more than 5g of sugar per 100g, so you can enjoy something tasty whilst keeping your sugar count in check. Plus, just like with all our snacks, each one is nutritionist-approved, perfectly portioned and contains absolutely no artificial ingredients or sweeteners. Team some of our low sugar snacks up with our nutritionist’s tips on how to cut out sugar and start reducing your sugar intake today.

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What is low sugar?

The NHS defines low sugar as no more than 5g of sugar per 100g. In our modern diets we tend to eat too much sugar, as many foods and drinks have added sugars. This is why it’s good to be aware of the ingredients in everything we eat, and keep an eye on the sugar content.

How do I cut out sugar?

If you’ve been thinking of cutting out sugar completely from your diet, our low sugar snacks might be a healthier way of easing yourself into it. Going from one extreme to the other could risk demotivating side effects such as energy lows, mood swings and unhelpful cravings. Slowly reducing the amount of sugar you’re including in your daily routine is a more mindful and considered way of adopting a healthier diet.