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We’re putting the “nation” in imagination! Our creations wouldn’t be the same without the ideas and inspiration we get from grazers all across the land - so don’t be shy, we always want to know what you think!

If we were to create a new flavour for our morning oat minis, which would you be most likely to buy?

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200,000 heads are better than one

What if there were never too many cooks? No one loves snacks more than our grazers, so we thought we’d see what new delicious heights you guys could push us to. Each of our taste experts came up with an idea for a new snack, and we put it to you - which one was best?

trend alert: smoky

It turned out to be a landslide victory for smoky, beating sweet and spicy to the post. We took it back to the kitchen to give it a few finishing touches, and there you have it - the snacking equivalent of Nat King Cole. We couldn’t have done it without you lot!

smoky is the new bbq

“There’s no denying that smoky flavours are on trend. People already love the rich flavour of BBQ, so creating more intense smoky infusions is the next step.”

Grace, taste expert

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