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Welcome to the graze labs! This is your chance to trial the latest batch of snack inventions from our taste experts. Get hold of these limited edition creations now and give us your verdict by leaving a review. Which one will make it into the graze range? You decide!

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We love experimenting with new flavours in our famous flapjack recipe! And since the success of our protein flapjacks, we thought we’d try adding some of our favourite new ingredients - ancient grain quinoa, superfood maca and baobab.

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plant protein

Power to the plants! Our nutritionist is a big fan of plant protein, and we love it because it tastes so good. Inspired by our much-loved veggie protein power snack, Bobby came up with this deliciously crunchy bunch.

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Our taste experts are always experimenting in the kitchen. Over the last 8 years they’ve invented nearly 2,000 different snacks and tasted even more ingredients (so many cashews!) - and now you can get involved! Look forward to snack lab inventions from Bobby, Jocelyn, Holly and Grace as they come up with new ideas for savoury cravings and sweet treats. Want to find out more? Read on